CompostingHow To Use Hair Clippings In Your Garden

How To Use Hair Clippings In Your Garden

Hair clippings cut into one inch pieces will slowly breaks down creating a slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen that can increase the health of your garden soil.   It is a free renewable resource that can be added and forgot about as it slowly works it’s magic. Hair clippings as also adds a structural integrity to the soil.

Human and animal hair can be added to the compost pile and it will become decomposed  fairly quickly “if” all of the conditions in the compost pile are adequate such as keeping it moist and turn it every week to ten days without fail otherwise it can take one – two years to fully break down.

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How To Use Hair Clippings In Your Garden

Hair clippings can be placed under the soil in houseplants pots as  slow release fertilizer so they grow greener and fuller .

Click here to read about adding hair clippings to your garden soil:

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Melissa Francis
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