Ham Radio, The Only Form of Communication After The-SHTF

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How will you communicate if the shtf. Think about it for a minute. No landlines, no cell phones, no internet, no texting, instant messages or email.
Prepper resources suggests Ham Radio, The only form of communication after the-SHTF.  I agree and I also feel this is a skill people can learn now. It will take some study and practice to be proficient at it.


Ham Radio, The Only Form of Communication After The-SHTF
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This is also a skill that will be much in demand in that kind of scenario. If you had no way of contacting loved ones to find out if they were okay or to coordinate a plan to get family members to a meeting place so the entire family could be together, what would you be willing to give a ham operator who could help you make that contact.

   I hear people say all the time, I am too old or I am disabled how can I prep or how will I survive. Well I would say this would be a way for these folks to have a means of surviving.

   By have this equipment and knowing how to use it a ham operator could   be a very important part of a group or community. Their services could be bartered for needed food and supplies and they would be taken care of by folks just so they would have that communicator available.


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Ham Radio For Dummies

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