CraftsHand Glow Stick Wheel for Celebrating Project

Hand Glow Stick Wheel for Celebrating Project

This hand glow stick wheel for celebrating project is simple to make and is a far safer option for kids and drunk adults. Night time festivals, parades, concerts and even camping can all be a great place to play with this spinning wheel of glow in the dark fun.

Hand Glow Stick Wheel for Celebrating Project

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Since inception glow sticks have been highly appreciated by most people, ranging from old to young. On their part, Concert glow stick wheels are generally awesome. The origin of these short-term light sources can be related to the Japanese people who are fond of taking glowsticks along with them to their idol’s concert.

Basically, concert glow stick wheels are designed without the need of an external source of energy. They consist of translucent plastic tubes which are filled with isolated substances such as water that help to enhance the flow of light when combined. Unlike the typical glow sticks whose lights cannot be put off can only be used once, this wheel can be turned on and off at any time. The tubes are often whirled to create a glow for amusement, thus the name – concert glow stick wheel.

Apart from being colorful and fun, concert glow stick wheels are cheap to make. Whether on a dark Halloween night or during a public musical performance, this creative invention will always bring about a great fun and illuminate the path of entertainment and amusement.

If you’ve always wanted to make your own concert glow stick wheel, you are in the right place. Use the instructions provided here to make the led-type that can still bring about the same effect of fun and also give you the opportunity to pose for some cool light trails photographs.

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