Emergency PreparednessHand Warmer Instant Homemade Recipe for Working Outdoors

Hand Warmer Instant Homemade Recipe for Working Outdoors

The Hand Warmer Instant Homemade Recipe for Working Outdoors breaks down the science of how and why it works, so you can frugally make it yourself safely.

Mystery solved and just great knowledge to have on hand (pun intended).

Hand Warmer Instant Homemade Recipe for Working Outdoors

For the harsh reality of winter, having hand warmers with you inside your gloves is a big boost to get through those freezing days. Many people will go straight to the store and buy one, but you can make them at home easily. It uses some of the same stuff and is effective too, but be advised that touching it with your bare hands is dangerous. The natural solution made could give a burning sensation; it may produce hydrochloric acid, but some found that there was nothing wrong. Fumes can also come out, so don’t inhale them.

Get the four key things to a natural hand warmer: two Ziploc bags, one big and one small, calcium chloride ice melting pellets, and water.


First, put the chloride pellets into the larger bag until it is 1.5 inches filled. Be careful not to put too many in it. With the smaller Ziploc, fill it with water half full and press out any air inside. Seal the water bag and put it in the larger bag, press the air out of there, and you are finished. Simply, squeeze the water bag until it breaks and let the water mix with the chloride pellets for a chemical reaction that warms your hands.

Gloves are never enough, especially if you live in the North and Midwest dealing with those very ice storms that make below zero before the wind chill. And, if you need to save every dollar on hand warmers, this Do It Yourself project can save a lot.

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