Primitive SkillsHandful Brushcraft Primitive Skills to Know for Survival

Handful Brushcraft Primitive Skills to Know for Survival

This Handful Brushcraft Primitive Skills to Know for Survival can make all the difference if you are thrust-ed into a disaster situation in the wilderness. Better to know how to survive and not need it … than… to need the skills and not know them.

Handful Brushcraft Primitive Skills to Know for Survival - The Homestead Survival - Frugal Homesteading

Bushcraft skills has been part of wilderness exploration journey for centuries and having the right skills is about surviving nature’s cruelest creatures and elements weather. It is about being knowable, using the elements around you in nature and not dragging along heavy amount of supplies that can hold you back.

Having the a very small amount of tools and equipment to work outdoors is what a skillful bushcrafter perfects. They have the skills, knowledge, and equipment, to hunt for food and cook it over a fire once cleaned.

There are five must-knows for a bushcrafter: navigation, first aid, fire-making, tool care, and craft skills.

Navigation is about reading maps, using a compass correctly, and being able to identify things in the while scouting an area. It can determine if you are near a water source or by any sign of civilization when looking at the stars.

First aid is about caring for yourself when in an accident or having a cut that could become infected. Having a tourniquet, bandages, and large wound dressings make a difference; even knowing how to carry yourself in the event of a broken bone.

With making fire, you are symbolizing life and stay out of the dark and cold. There are various ways to make a fire; one should master those ways.

Bushcrafters like to make sure their knives, axes, and saws are in top shape. It’s a lifeline and they have to be preserved and sharpened.

Finally, with craft skills, it’s about making a tool out of stone, wood, or animal bones. It’s about converting tree branches into a sturdy pole for fishing. These skills are all about surviving when camping more naturally without the excess weight.

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Melissa Francis
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