RecipesHandmade Fresh Stinging Nettle Pasta: A Delightful Foraging and Cooking Adventure

Handmade Fresh Stinging Nettle Pasta: A Delightful Foraging and Cooking Adventure


I recently embarked on a culinary adventure, transforming the notorious stinging nettle from my backyard into a delicious homemade pasta. This journey was not just about cooking but also about embracing the gifts of nature.

Foraging for Nettles

While stinging nettles are known for their unpleasant sting, they are surprisingly rich in nutrients and flavor when cooked. Here’s how I safely foraged them:

  • Gear Up: I wore thick gloves and long sleeves to protect against stings.
  • Harvesting: I carefully selected young nettles, cutting the top 4 inches to ensure tenderness.

Table: Nutritional Value of Stinging Nettles

Nutrient Amount per 100g
Vitamin A 5700 IU
Vitamin C 41.7 mg
Iron 1.6 mg
Calcium 481 mg

Preparing the Nettles

I took several steps to ensure the nettles were safe to eat:

  1. Boiling: I boiled the nettles for about 5 minutes to remove the sting.
  2. Processing: After boiling, I carefully removed the leaves and tips, discarding the tougher stems.

Making the Pasta Dough

I used the following ingredients to create a vibrant green pasta dough:

  • Nettle puree
  • Fresh eggs
  • Flour
  • A pinch of salt


  1. Blend Nettles: I pureed the boiled nettles in a food processor.
  2. Mix Ingredients: Combined the nettle puree with eggs, flour, and salt.
  3. Knead and Rest: After kneading the dough, I let it rest under a plastic wrap.
green nettle puree in a metal mixing bowl during the preparation phase of making nettle pasta
green nettle puree in a metal mixing bowl during the preparation phase of making nettle pasta

Rolling and Shaping the Pasta

I chose to hand-roll my pasta, though a pasta machine would also work. I experimented with different thicknesses and shapes, from fettuccine to pappardelle.

Cooking and Tasting

Boiling the pasta until al dente, I was amazed at its fresh, earthy flavor, reminiscent of spinach pasta. It was a delightful experience to taste the fruits of my labor.

nettle pasta

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace Nature’s Offerings: Utilizing foraged nettles for pasta is a rewarding experience.
  • Safety First: Always wear protective gear when handling nettles.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Nettles are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Pasta Perfection: Experiment with different pasta shapes and thicknesses for varied textures and tastes.


Making handmade fresh stinging nettle pasta was a fulfilling journey of foraging, cooking, and tasting. It’s a perfect example of how nature’s less appreciated gifts can be transformed into a gourmet experience.

FAQ for Handmade Fresh Stinging Nettle Pasta

Q: Where can I find stinging nettles?

A: Stinging nettles grow in many natural forests and can often be found in backyards or wild areas in temperate climates. Always ensure they are harvested from clean, pesticide-free areas.

Q: How do I handle stinging nettles safely?

A: Wear thick gardening gloves and long sleeves to protect your skin from their sting when harvesting and handling nettles. Once boiled, the sting is neutralized.

Q: What are the nutritional benefits of stinging nettles?

A: Nettles are high in vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, calcium, and other minerals, making them a healthy addition to your diet.

Q: Can I use a pasta machine to make nettle pasta?

A: Yes, a pasta machine can be used to roll and cut the pasta dough to your desired thickness and shape.

Q: How long does nettle pasta last?

A: Fresh nettle pasta can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days or frozen for up to 3 months. Make sure it’s well-floured to prevent sticking.

Q: Can I use dried nettles instead of fresh?

A: Fresh nettles are preferred for their flavor and texture, but in a pinch, rehydrated dried nettles can be used after being soaked in water.

Q: Is nettle pasta gluten-free?

A: Nettle pasta typically contains wheat flour, so it is not gluten-free. However, you can substitute with gluten-free flour blends for similar results.

Q: What sauce pairs well with nettle pasta?

A: Light sauces like garlic and olive oil or a simple butter and parmesan sauce complement the pasta well without overpowering the delicate flavor of the nettles.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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