HolidaysHarmless April Fool's Pranks

Harmless April Fool’s Pranks

What was the best April Fool’s Pranks that you have played on someone else or had played on you ? How did you react ?

Balloon Covering a Bedroom Door

Take a clear trash bag and cut down the two sides leaving the bottom seam intact. Blow up balloons. Using blue making tape, tape clear plastic bag over doorway but leaving an opening to insert balloons. Finish applying blue tape to close opening. Wake in the morning to hear the laughter from the intended person the April Fool’s prank is being pulled on.
Harmless April Fool's Pranks

Mentos Candy and Soda Pop Prank
When a person opens the soda pop bottle the Mentos candy drops into the soda pop causing a fizzy reaction.

Fake Jello Breakfast Juice

Follow directions on jello box then pour into a clear drinking glass. Place way back in the refrigerator on bottom shelf until needed. Children get such a kick out of this because they can eat the April Fool’s prank after they are done laughing.

Tv Remote Prank

Cover up the remote sensor with a small piece of tape.

The unsuspecting person may go as far as replacing the batteries before they realize they’ve been ” April Fooled”.  Source: Pen & Paper Flowers

Pen & Paper Flowers
Pen & Paper Flowers

Put Googgley Eyes All The Food In The Refrigerator:

This will get a laugh from children and adults alike.

Fake Poop on Toilet Seat

Wet an empty toilet seat roll thoroughly. Tear into small pieces and mashed the pieces together in your hand shaping it into a fake poop. Leave on the toilet seat to be found in the morning. Wait to hear a loud screams coming from the bathroom, lol. Yes, it is potty humor.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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