Hay is For Horses a Variety of Rummaging Solutions


Unless you are living in a place where pastures are pristine all year round without a need to close them during inclement weather, there is a great chance that you feed hay to your horse.

While it is nice to gain access to lush and green pastures throughout the year, feeding hay to your horse is almost as good as feeding them grass or sometimes, it can even be better. Feeding hay is convenient and can help your horse in maintaining a healthier digestive system, keeping him occupied and happy if he needs to stay inside the stall.

But, just like the difference between a leaf of kale and iceberg lettuce, the nutritional value of hay varies a lot depending on what you are feeding. The availability in your local area will ultimately affect what you choose to feed. However, making yourself familiar with the different kinds of legumes and grasses can help you purchase or grow the best option that suits your horses.
According to Succeed-Equine.com, your main goal in choosing the ideal hay for your horse is that it should meet his particular energy needs.

It is important to consider various factors when evaluating the needs of your horse like body weight and type, breed, workload, metabolism, and age. Most homeowners may decide that the combination of grass hay and legume is the best option for their horse.

Mixed bale offers medium protein and energy counts, adds notably high calcium, as well as a more suitable ratio of calcium to phosphorus compared to straight alfalfa.
Jenny Pohl on Horse Love has some exciting input about hay a variety of ways to provide the hay without waste.