HerbalHow To Make A Healing Calendula Oil

How To Make A Healing Calendula Oil

For faster healing on scrapes and other skin conditions you can make this healing Calendula oil at home and have it on hand for when you need it. These days more and more people have been turning to all natural alternatives to some of most common over the counter medicines for treating a wide range of afflictions.

How To Make A Healing Calendula Oil

Many of these homemade remedies are made from essential oils that are extracted from specific types of plants. These essential oils are infused with one or more carrier (base) oil, beeswax and other materials to create all natural remedies.

This article goes into great detail about how the Calendula plant can be used to make several different types of medicinal preparations. The article includes instructions on how to make many of the remedies that are discussed inside this article. The article is written in a way that makes it extremely easy to read and understand which make it much easier for most anyone to use it.

● Describes some of the medicinal uses of an essential oil derived from the plant

● Gives some detailed information on how to use the oil to make specific medicinal preparations including recipes

● There many full color pictures inside the article that helps to provide a nice visualization of the plant uses

5 Orange Potatoes shares the how to and recipe. She also says that once the oil is done you can add some to lotion and it works super well for dry chapped skin.

I love the colors of calendulas and since the re-seed themselves once you plant them you should have them forever. They are good for so many different ailments that it is a flower you should have in your homesteading garden. The petals are edible so you could even add it to a salad or other dish, they  makes a confetti of color.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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