Medical & HealthHealing Detox Delicious Black Lemonade Recipe

Healing Detox Delicious Black Lemonade Recipe

This healing detox delicious black lemonade recipe is the newest natural alternative amazing beverage that you can make in your own kitchen. It is frugal and simple to make with amazing health benefits that you will start to feel within 24 hours.

Healing Detox Delicious Black Lemonade Recipe

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The black comes from activated charcoal, but don’t worry, it’s safe to drink. Activated charcoal helps prevent hangovers, whitens teeth, calms the stomach flu, helps food poisoning and removes any free radicals from the body. It may seem strange, but it is true. Get 2 pills of activated charcoal, water, ice, lemon juice, and some sugar or maple syrup. Take out the seeds from lemon juice that is freshly squeezed and pour the liquid into a cup. Then, break the capsules, dump the charcoal into the cup, and mix. Put ice, water, and choice of sweetener (sugar or maple syrup, which gives a kick to it), and stir.

People have turned to this ancient remedy for thousands of years. This all natural tool will help clean your body and remove toxins. The key to activated charcoal’s health benefits lie in its unique structure. Stripping away all the oxygen with high heat and chemicals leaves the end product with countless nooks and crannies—in which to trap harmful particles. Activated charcoal works through adsorption, binding dangerous particles to its surface.

Researchers studying this phenomenon found that orally administering activated charcoal—half an hour after ingesting a toxic substance—decreased the substance’s absorption by 47%


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lemon juice

sugar (or maple syrup)

There will be more water than juice because it is being mixed with the charcoal. One could simply swallow the capsule, but there has to be enough water in the system to absorb it. There isn’t any flavor to the charcoal, so it isn’t disgusting; the lemon part gives it an interesting taste to it. It is recommended to have it all in a 16-oz. cup. With a slice of lemon on the rim, drink away, and let the insides to the work to flush out the toxins. Again, it seems a little bizarre that activated charcoal can do this (not regular, cooking charcoal – let’s get that straight), but it has benefits some people would never have thought of.

So, try out this interesting drink.

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