HerbalHealing Herbal Sinus Steam Natural Remedy

Healing Herbal Sinus Steam Natural Remedy

This wonderful Healing Herbal Sinus Steam is a natural remedy to ease ease congestion for a chest cold, sinus pain and even a sore throat. The herbs in this particular herb recipe were chosen because of their strong antibacterial properties.

The process of doing a Herbal Sinus Steam every two to four hours is to open up sinuses and bronchial passages by loosening the congestion flem so you can blow your nose or spit it out. Hey, the details are not pretty when you are sick… yuck !

Remember, the herbs when steamed will release antibacterial properties that will kill or at least inhibited the nasty bacteria that could lead to a serious infection. Continue to do a herbal sinus steam for at least three sessions when you think you are feeling better to knock that congestion completely out.

Do you have all the herbs stocked just in case ?

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Click here to read how to make a Healing Herbal Sinus Steam Natural Remedy:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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