Essential OilsHealing Peppermint Lavender Headache Salve Recipe

Healing Peppermint Lavender Headache Salve Recipe

This Healing Peppermint Lavender Headache Salve Recipe is a natural reliever of headaches, sinus congestion & muscle tension of the neck – when applied to the temples, forehead, sinus area and back of the neck.

Healing Peppermint Lavender Headache Salve Recipe

Natural remedies have made a remarkable position in today’s world as it has many healing properties. Many natural substances have healing properties that we never knew about but today we use them almost every day. Natural remedies are the biggest trend right now and the best thing is, they actually work.

There are many remedies for many different things in this case, relaxing from stress headaches. It is one of the many things that natural remedies are good for, they can help all sorts of pain or discomfort.


1/2 cup Olive oil

Dried Peppermint (Buy Here for Amazon) 

Dried Lavender (Buy Here for Amazon) 

6 tablespoons of melted Beeswax (Buy Here for Amazon)

6 drops Peppermint Essential oil (Buy Here for Amazon) 

6 drops Lavender Essential oil (Buy Here for Amazon) 


1. In a small mason jar add dried peppermint leaves and lavender flower buds. Infuse with olive oil for 2-3 weeks, shaking the mason jar every couple of days.

2. Strain the out the peppermint leaves and lavender flower buds from the infused olive oil.

3. Combine infused olive oil and beeswax in saucepan or double broiler over low heat.

4. Add Peppermint and Lavender essential oils .

5. Pour melted beeswax and infused olive oil into clean containers.

6. Let salve cool and harden.

7. When you feel a headache coming on, use a clean finger to melt and scoop a small amount onto your finger. Rub healing headache salve onto your temples (side of head by your eyes), top of forehead and the back of the neck in slow circular motions.

8. Just let the essential oils soak into your skin, try to calm yourself and relax.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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