Help Your Honey Bound Hive Before They Swarm


Good info for beekeepers on how to watch for and remedy a honey bound hive to prevent your bees from swarming. This is a really interesting article and I learned a lot that I didn’t know, like the hives have cells filled with eggs, larva and emerging bees plus cells filled with honey,pollen,nectar and water.

Help Your Honey Bound Hive Before They Swarm

Once you start seeing queen cells hanging you will know they are going to swarm because there is not enough room. Queen cells look sort of like peanuts. It seems you can actually remove and freeze frames that are filled with pollen or honey to be thawed and added back to the hive at a later date when needed.

As I said this is some really interesting information and some of it I had not seen so possibly this will benefit folks who also hadn’t seen or heard this info before. Hobby Farms shares this information.

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