HomesteadingHelpful Treatment For Egg Bound Chickens

Helpful Treatment For Egg Bound Chickens

This helpful treatment for egg bound chickens is a life threatening condition that needs your assistance to save the life of the hen.

Moist heat is considered the safest remedy for egg binding in chickens.

A slightly above lukewarm (but not too hot to cause burns) water in a shallow container for 15 minutes then change out water before it cools and place hen in for another 15 minutes. A quarter cup of Epsom salt to the lukewarm water. Gently towel dry your chicken. Be careful NOT to crush the egg inside of her. Place her away from other chickens in a cardboard box with a nest (with air holes) so the hen can calmly pass the egg.

Helpful Treatment For Egg Bound Chickens
Hen Cam

Repeat the process until the egg comes out.

A hen that’s truly egg bound will die if she doesn’t pass the egg – usually within 48 hours. Do not try to break the egg inside her and extract the pieces isn’t usually effective either; it’s likely to result in infection and her death.

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