Natural Beauty RecipesHerbal Beauty Tips For Skin, Hair And Nails‏

Herbal Beauty Tips For Skin, Hair And Nails‏

Quick and inexpensive beauty routines using herbs and white or apple cider vinegar.

No doubt, we spend millions on beauty products.

Everyone wants to look their best, but have you ever thought about what’s in those beauty products?

It’s always a good idea to read the labels, considering the skin is the largest organ in the human body and does absorb most of the products we rub in or apply to the surface of our skin.

A mild soap, one that is free of perfumes and additives is best for the skin.

Here is a recipe that is refreshing, feels wonderful on the skin and is easy to prepare.

Refreshing Mint Facial Toner:

2 tablespoons of fresh or dried spearmint or peppermint.

In a glass or stainless steel bowl, add the mint and pour 10 ounces of boiling water into the bowl.

Steep for 20 minutes. Strain out the mint and pour the liquid into a quart glass jar or plastic bottle.

Apply with cotton balls or cosmetic pads.

To ease puffiness under the eyes, soak 2 cotton balls in the mint toner and press them gently against the puffy area for a few minutes.

Use the mint toner for the neck area and to help combat dry skin.

Mint is soothing and so refreshing to use on a hot day.

It helps to hydrate the skin and softens wrinkles.

For Healthy Feet and Toenails:

1 tablespoon each of dried lavender, sage and rosemary.

Add the herbs to a glass or stainless steel bowl.

Pour 4 cups of boiling water over the herbs and let the infusion steep until cool.

Strain out the herbs and add the liquid to a spray bottle.

After showering, spray your feet with the herb mixture.

Allow your feet to dry completely before putting on socks or stockings.

Your feet will feel cool and comfortable all day.

The herbs in this infusion are antibacterial and antifungal.

Used daily, the spray will help eliminate mild toenail fungus, dry skin and cracked heels.

To Make An Herbal Hair Rinse:

1 tablespoon each of dried chamomile, lavender and peppermint.

Place the herbs in a glass or stainless steel bowl.

Pour 6 cups of boiling water over the herbs and infuse the mixture for 3 hours.

Strain out the herbs and add the liquid to a clean and rinsed out milk jug.

Add 4 cups of distilled white or apple cider vinegar to the jug.

Shake gently to combine the liquids. Store the jug near the shower. Once or twice a week, add about a cup of the herb/vinegar product to your hair and scalp and massage in.

Wait three minutes, rinse out and shampoo as usual.

The vinegar and herb mix adds highlights to the hair, tones the scalp, and removes excess build-up of shampoo, gel and styling products. It also helps with flaky skin and itchy scalp.

~ Meadow Walker
Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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