Hide Your Recycle Bins


     If you use those ugly plastic recycle bins that are always some intrusive color check out this diy project that will let you hide them in an attractive wood cubby. Reading this diy post kind of cracked me up because she said her recycle bins are kept under the kitchen window and all winter she just opens the window to throw the recyclables away.

   I had to laugh because mine are also kept under a kitchen window and I don’t wear shoes in the house so if it is cold, wet or rainy I too just open the wind and deposit stuff in the bins rather than go outside. I really like the  scrap wood box she built to hide the ugly plastic bins though and the fact that you could paint or stain them any color you like so you could make it blend in with the house color or like she did paint it to backdrop a flower bed.

     Nice and easy diy project and one that really makes an improved view of the bins. The Art Of Doing Stuff Shares instructions for making your own.

Hide Your Recycle Bins


Click Here To Get Instructions


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