ChickensHigh Protein Chicken Feed Ingredients Cheap Frugal Options

High Protein Chicken Feed Ingredients Cheap Frugal Options

High Protein Chicken Feed Ingredients Cheap Frugal Options helps you feed your flock top grade nutrients, protein and minerals.

High Protein Chicken Feed Ingredients Cheap Frugal Options - Homesteading

People feed their chickens with “layer feed” and it is fair bit of money. With plenty to feed on your homestead, people want to keep the feed natural while saving money. No one wants to slow down or stop production of eggs. There are other ways to make chicken feed without taking a hit in your wallet.

There’s a list of protein and calcium replacements that can fit in place of layer feed. Layer feed is 16% protein with a boost of calcium to strengthen chickens’ egg shells.

Here are other replacements for layer feed:

First, there is Camelina Meal, an old crop that is very high in Omega-3s and is used in various livestock feeds because of the amount of protein in it.

Then, there is Cottonseed Meal, the remains of ginned cotton and the seeds with its oil extracted from them. The leftovers are fed as a protein boost.

Earthworms, those slimy, tiny pinkish works from the ground, are great for free range chickens since they eat them right off the ground. Again, it’s a great alternative for protein.

Next, there is flaxseed, a good ingredient to add to even human meals because of the addition of fiber and healthy fats. In that case, flaxseed meal is also good in protein for chickens.

With safflower, it is used to make vegetable oil and is very much like cottonseed meal. When everything is drained out of the plant, the leftovers are then mixed and grounded into a powder.

Finally, there is sunflower seed meal by grinding the seeds after the oil is removed.

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Melissa Francis
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