ChickensHistoplasmosis and Chickens

Histoplasmosis and Chickens

If you have chickens you should know about Histoplasmosis and how to avoid catching it. Raising chickens has become more and more popular these days with people looking to have fresh laid eggs everyday.

Histoplasmosis and Chickens

Unfortunately, some people jump into it far too quickly without knowing all of the pitfalls that come with raising chickens in the backyard. This article was designed to introduce the reader to facts about a very serious illness that is commonly spread from chickens to humans.

The article is from Murano Chicken Farm. The author has much experience raising chickens and they created this article in hopes to explain how easy it is for you to contract a serious illness like Histoplasmosis. The article also discusses in detail how to go about preventing the spread of the illness.

Benefits of reading Raising Chickens: Histoplasmosis and Chickens

Learn something about raising chickens that you may not have already known.
Discover that there is a very serious illness can be transmitted to humans from chickens.
Learn that there are a number of ways that you can prevent accidental exposure to Histoplasmosis.
There are a number of full color pictures that help to provide a good visual reference of the article.

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