DessertsHoliday Salted Caramel Candy Recipe

Holiday Salted Caramel Candy Recipe

This holiday salted caramel candy recipe is a melt in your mouth sweet and salty dessert that the whole family can enjoy.

Cooking during the holiday season is a pleasure that can give a person freedom of expression. The same goes for making sweet treats in the kitchen like candies and caramels. While some of us may not have tried our hand at making candy before, it can be a fun and add to our already extensive knowledge within the kitchen.

We also want to have everything we’ll need within reach when we begin to prepare the dish for enjoyment right then.
Holiday Salted Caramel Candy Recipe

Gather these ingredients:

unsalted butter
heavy cream or heavy whipping cream
light corn syrup
sea salt

With caramels, this is especially important and one tool you’ll want on hand at all times is your candy thermometer. Just like cooking meat, temperatures of your candy in its different phases should be just right or your efforts could be for naught. You’ll also want the right combination of ingredients like sugar, water, corn syrup, butter, and cream.

Without these ingredients in their right measurements, you’ll find that your caramels won’t taste right or have the smooth texture you want as they melt in your mouth. While caramels take practice to perfect, the efforts you put in are worth the hard work since you’ll enjoy this treat in all of its sweet saltiness.

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