Home Canned Beef Stock – Pressure Canning


Learn how to make home canned beef stock and you will always have very flavorful stock on hand. Broth and stock are very expensive to buy in those boxes or cans at the store and they are so easy to make that it almost seems wasteful to buy it already made. For folks that are afraid of the pressure canner this beef stock could be frozen instead of canned as long as you don’t mind giving up the freezer space.

Home Canned Beef Stock

Cooking from your food pantry does not mean it has to lack flavor. Beef stock is an excellent way to add flavored moisture when cooking a roast which creates great gravy from the drippings. Beef stock is excellent to cook rice in, make a hearty winter soup or stew and au jus for a french dip sandwich.  Iowa Sue website shares her favorite homemade canned beef stock  recipe.

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