CanningHome Canned Daikon Radish And Carrot Pickle

Home Canned Daikon Radish And Carrot Pickle

Great recipe for putting up some sweet pickled daikon radish and carrots. These would be good with a sandwich or any where else you would eat bread and butter pickles. There are a couple of different canning recipes on the page so you will need to scroll down to find this one. It is after the habanero jelly. I love how she kept the peeling from the carrots and daikon along with celery tops and dehydrated them and then ground them up to use as additives to soups and stews. Great way to add what otherwise would be thrown out to your pantry.

This recipe is shared by Our Aussie off grid heaven. I follow her Facebook page, My Canning Addiction which is really interesting as she and her hubby have retired to an off grid homestead in the bush of Australia and she shares the day to day of their homesteading life. They have installed solar panels, they raise both chicken and turkeys. They also raise sheep for meat along with a bunch of gardens. They just installed a wood heater with an oven on the bottom that I think is really cool. If you are into the homesteading lifestyle which I assume you are since you are here, you may want to go check out her page. I really enjoy her daily updates and watching some real life people homesteading off grid.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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