A Home In A Grain Bin


 The tiny home movement is really popular right now and some of them are super cute, but here is another alternative to traditional housing. It is a home in a grain bin. Grain bins are great for re-purposing into a home. You can use one or multiple that you can hook together, similar to connected shipping containers, except the grain bins are round.

A Home In A Grain Bin

The grain bins have a couple of things going for them. First they are not super expensive and second they are pretty much maintenance free. Since they are made of steel they never need painted and will only go from shiny steel to a soft gray after a while. You can buy grain bins new or used and have it moved to your location. The price for a new grain bin will vary depending on size and whether or not you have the company make the floor for you. If you buy a used one it will cost less and the people they sell grain bins could probably be hired to move it for you.

This article is from Mother Earth News and they have a few pictures of different grain bins being use for homes, offices and playrooms. If you would like to live in a round home this is a great alternative to traditional housing. It would also be a lot of diy or hired work to get your doors and window in. The article tells how they are insulated and how some are using passive solar heat that is computer assisted.

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