Natural RemediesBarley Water an Aid To Help Prevent Kidney Stones and Maintain...

Barley Water an Aid To Help Prevent Kidney Stones and Maintain Glucose Levels

Barley water – aid to help prevent kidney stone and maintain glucose levels. According to Herbs Hands Healing ” Barley water is a traditionally acclaimed drink which will support and nourish the kidneys in times of stress. It is an integral part of a kidney cleansing program, which will produce tremendous overall benefits.” It can even help to prevent gout attacks because as it cleans the kidneys it gets rid of the purines that cause a gout attack. You can buy barley here.

Barley Water - Aid To Help Prevent Kidney Stones and Maintain Glucose Levels

Styles At Life shares a recipe for making barley water and tells us that it can help to maintain glucose levels for diabetics and has other health benefits as well as helping to flush calcium deposits from the kidneys to helps prevent kidney stones and to detox the kidneys. From what I can see even cooking it in soups helps some what. It seems to help flush my kidneys whenever I eat it. It is really good in soup and stews. It has a sort of chewy texture. I also like to toast it a little bit in an iron skillet and then cook and eat it like oatmeal. Toasting it gives it a nutty flavor.


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