Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump


DIY home-made hydraulic ram pump to pump water uphill. A ram pump runs on the force of the water flowing into it. It can pump water up a tall hillside as long as you have enough water flow. For folks that have a pond or quickly flowing creek or river that flows downhill to supply the pump that will be installed downhill from the water source. You will then be able to have the water flow up a hillside to where you may need it.

Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump

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The hydraulic ram pump requires no electric,gas or any other form of energy, it runs off the flow of the water. This can be a very cost efficient way to get water up to a homestead or garden. With your pump installed 10 feet below the water source you can potentially pump the water 100 feet up a hill side with only the force of the flowing water below.

Habolooby  how us how he built one for under 100 dollars with parts purchased at Lowes. You can find his tutorial on Instructables. I am adding a video by Mekanizmalar below for those that would like to see a visual on how the ram pump works.

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