Homegrown Pomegranate Trees


If you live in zone 7 through 12 b in the US and love pomegranates, did you know that you can grow your own homegrown pomegranate trees? Pomegranates are one of the juiciest and delicious fruits that nature has provided us with. They are not only aesthetically appealing but have a mouth-watering taste coupled with several health benefits. With their eye catching red color and a crown head, pomegranates are not only consumed directly but used as a direct source of fresh juice, mixed with other fruit juices to create unique tastes and used to prepare sweet and sour desserts as well.

Homegrown Pomegranate Trees

On the other hand, this fruit is also used in alcoholic beverages like martinis and wine. Pomegranates are seasonal and give the best taste when used in their specific season. They also have religious significance as they have been mentioned in religious scripts like the Quran, the Book of Exodus and the Homeric Hymns. In this post from the Auntie Dogma’s Garden Spot, the author provides information on how one can grow pomegranates in their garden.

The post contains many links that take the reader to more important information on this particular topic. Pomegranates are a delicious fruit and having your own fresh produce just enhances your eating and cooking experience with them. You will find this post very informative in respect to cultivating your own produce.


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