CanningHomemade Apple and Hot Pepper Jelly

Homemade Apple and Hot Pepper Jelly

This homemade apple and hot pepper jelly is a great recipe that you can make even in the dead of winter. I love recipes that can be made and canned when it is cold outside.  That is when it is really enjoyable to can. So many things are canned in the dead heat of summer when the last thing you want to do is heat the whole house up and be stuck in a steamy kitchen. But in winter or the cooler months it is kind of nice to have the kitchen nice and toasty.

Homemade Apple and Hot Pepper Jelly

This is one of those recipes. It is made with hot peppers and apple juice which are both available from the grocery store year round. This jelly can be made and put into the freezer and be used as a freezer jam or you can water bath can it to keep in the pantry and not use up freezer space. The recipe makes 6 to 8 8 ounce jars.

This is so good if you put cream cheese on a small plate and then pour some of the jelly over it and serve it with crackers. It is also good as a meat glaze, especially on pork chops. This recipe comes from Just 2 Sisters and you will love it. You can make is as hot as you like by choosing hotter peppers or milder by choosing milder peppers. It is delicious jelly.

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