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Homemade Archery Arrows DIY Hunting Supplies Project

This Homemade Archery Arrows DIY Hunting Supplies Project is made from craft store feathers but honestly you make be able to use feathers found on your homestead…. instead. Flu-Flu Arrow Fletchings is what this tutorial is about.

Homemade Archery Arrows DIY Hunting Supplies Project - The Homestead Survival

Archery is a sport that not a lot of people pay attention to, but it is a method of hunting and fishing (fishing with a bow and arrow is really a thing) that has become quite popular.

Whether you are shooting at a target or a live animal, it can get a bit expensive if you happen to miss your target wildly and the arrow continues to travel a long distance making it hard to find.

The do it yourself craft project was designed to introduce homesteading readers to a method for making homemade Flu-Flu Arrow Fletchings arrows.

Flu-flu arrows have very different fletchings from regular arrows and require a different approach to fletching.

This Do It Yourself project was created and shared with all of the readers in hopes to help as many people as possible.

The unique characteristic of the flu-flu arrow is that it is designed to have a limited flight pattern and will not continue to fly for a long distance.

This is unlike standard arrows that have a tendency to fly hundreds of feet past its target if it misses.

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