DIY ProjectsHomemade Bamboo Quilt Blanket Ladder DIY Project

Homemade Bamboo Quilt Blanket Ladder DIY Project

This Homemade Bamboo Quilt Blanket Ladder DIY Project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. This rustic wooden bamboo ladder can be used as a stylish and functional living room organizer for quilts and blankets.

Homemade Bamboo Quilt Blanket Ladder DIY Project

With 4 pieces of bamboo, screws, and twine, this original, organic blanket ladder can be constructed with ease. To start, get 2 long, thick pieces of bamboo to be used for the side rails. Then, take two thinner pieces of bamboo that will be cut into smaller sizes as the rungs. Lie out the long pieces and measure how wide the ladder will be. Cut the smaller bamboo a few inches longer than desired, as the ends will be needed overlap them. Take a saw to make the necessary cuts for smaller pieces.

Make sure everything is laid as exactly as measured and note where each piece will be. Then, drill pilot holes all the way through the small piece of bamboo and into the thick piece. This will prevent it from splitting when it is screwed. Once finished with getting all the rungs screwed on, take twine and wrap up each intersecting section. This covers up the screws to improve its appearance. The screws, while the opposite of bamboo’s naturism, helps stabilize the whole beams.

Having anything made with bamboo promotes protecting the environment and remaining efficient at home with various nature objects that can be grown there. This is an authentic piece built to impress visitors as well, and doesn’t rust up like the metallic hanger or break as easily like plastic. It’s a fun DIY project for the environmentalist in us, so try it out and become a bamboo lover.

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