SewingHomemade Berry Picking Apron

Homemade Berry Picking Apron

If you pick berries often you are going to love this berry picking apron that you can make at home with a length of pvc and an old sheet or other material. How much easier to pick them into the apron instead of one by one into a bucket or basket. When i read the comments on this idea there were a lot of good suggestions to make this even better. For instance one person suggested adding a little gathering of fabric in the apron where you could sew a hole and then tie the hole shut with a draw string. That way when the apron was full you could simply open the drawstring while over your bucket or basket and all of the berries would go right into the container. It was also mentioned that maybe using a screen material instead of the sheet would allow but and dirt to fall through but I think if you were picking smallish berries they might also fall through.

Homemade Berry Picking Apron

This apron idea is shared by Walden Effect. It is always neat to see what folks come up with to make a chore a little easier, and this one is a winner. If you don’t have a length of pvc that is already bent you can bend one by heating the pvc first. There are even tools that you can by to bend pvc for projects if needed. This apron would work really well with one of those  tined berry picking tools where you sort of comb the branch and the tools combs all of the berries off from it. They would all fall right onto the apron.


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Paige Raymond
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