SewingHomemade Blue Jean Denim Rag Rug Craft Project

Homemade Blue Jean Denim Rag Rug Craft Project

Homemade Blue Jean Denim Rag Rug Craft Project

This article “Homemade Blue Jean Denim Rag Rug Craft Project” was designed to introduce the The Homestead Survival readers to an interesting rug made from old denim jeans. This unique way to put it together to form a rug is made from length-wise cut strips and sewn in a layering manner.

Homemade Blue Jean Denim Rag Rug Craft Project

Frugal homesteaders with creative nature are always looking for ways to repurpose stuff that they have around the house in order to save money as much as possible.

The homemade rag rug is a common item that people make at home and they use a number of different fabric to make the rug. There are also many different ways that the fabric can be cut and used to create a rug.

* ~ * ~ Benefits of reading the DIY Project: Homemade Denim Fabric Rug

* ~ Discover a really cool way to repurpose a pile of old denim jeans that don’t fit anymore

* ~ The project describes all of the materials, supplies, and tools that you will need to have on hand to get started

* ~ It also includes a really detailed description of the all of the steps you will need to follow in order to make the rug

* ~ There are numerous full-color pictures that are included in order to help provide a very good visual reference

This article includes a very informational craft project for making a rag denim fabric rug. The creator of the project was very creative in the way that used the sturdy denim fabric and using a standard sewing machine they pieced together 200 some odd strips of denim material to create a really cool and useful rug.

Homemade Blue Jean Denim Rag Rug Craft Project

All of the information that is included in the project is presented in a way that makes it really easy to follow.



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