DIY ProjectsHomemade Cardboard Automatic Coin Change Sorter

Homemade Cardboard Automatic Coin Change Sorter

This homemade cardboard automatic coin change sorter is simple to make and has a short list of materials needed to create.

It seems to be the ongoing same story for so many of us that our coins are all mixed in together, not sorted, at the bottom of our purse, or loose in our pockets.

Homemade Cardboard Automatic Coin Change Sorter

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There are those times when you need to be able to access coins rather quickly and do not want to be fumbling around for a long time to find the ones you need and to count them out, etc. So a great idea is to have a change sorter that is inexpensive, does not require any electronics and that you can have fun making yourself.

A sturdy small rectangular box that you are going to modify somewhat to accept and store your coins will become your great friend. Take this box in the car with you and keep it there. Whenever you have spare change, put it into the right slots and you will have the coins you need every time.

Materials Needed:

1. Small package box/ tissue box

2. Tape

3. Precision knife/ blade

This is a great way to have money for the extra things that you would like to have that can add up over time. But using your leftover change will allow you not to feel the cost of these items as much.

For instance, if you are on a tight budget and your kids like to go out to eat, tell them the family has to save all coins and when there is enough change, you can all go out for some burgers or ice cream. This coin sorter will also make it easy to have the change you need for parking.

Click here to read about how to make a homemade cardboard automatic coin change sorter:

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Melissa Francis
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