DIY ProjectsHomemade Cement Tabletop Fireplace DIY Project

Homemade Cement Tabletop Fireplace DIY Project

This homemade cement tabletop fireplace diy project is a simple way to bring a little mood relaxation for evening patio table. It expands your outdoor space into actively used living space…. one step closer to nature.

Homemade Cement Tabletop Fireplace DIY Project

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Fireplace In house — with chimneys are stationary, but you can make a mobile tabletop fireplace. And here is how to do it;

Make a concrete mold with a void. And use a plastic container. It will work fine for the tabletop fireplace—and make sure smaller container should be able to fit inside. Then make the leg with iron flanges. You can turn the flanges if it is too big and avoid grinding into the threaded portion of it. then add reinforcement—if need be—to improve its efficiency. Your reinforcement must be compatible inside the mold.

Then glue the flanges to the bottom of the mold and seal with heavy tape after using paper wadding for the inside space.

Now pour the concrete to fully cover the flanges and make sure it is not in the threaded interior. Place the reinforcement at the middle and filled with cement. Make sure there is no air inside it. Make a void in the casting. Put smaller container with release agent and add concrete outside to fill the larger container. Remove the inner container after 2 days.

Homemade Cement Tabletop Fireplace DIY Project

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Grind the surface smoothly and polish it. A cloth with sealer is applied on all the surfaces. Fill the leg with the flange and tight appropriately. Then place a casting rod inside the void of the fireplace and fill it with its lid on.

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