Natural RemediesHomemade Chest Congestion Syrup

Homemade Chest Congestion Syrup

Learn how to make this homemade chest congestion syrup that helps you get rid of excess mucus in the lungs. Here is my area the colds have already started and they seem to go from sinus to bronchial in just a couple of days.

Homemade Chest Congestion Syrup

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I am just getting over it and while I didn’t go to the doctor I was beginning to think I would need to because of the chest congestion and mucus production going on. It is finally starting to clear up but I did find a syrup that you can make at home that helps to clear some of the mucus out so you can start to sleep better which I think goes a long way to helping you recover from the cold. Mine always seem to turn into bronchitis. For me it is hard to get better when I have bronchitis because every time I lie down I start coughing.

So it is either sleep in a chair or cough all night. Neither is conducive to getting any sleep. With this recipe you can make a syrup that will help. Healthy Holistic Living shares the instructions for making this natural remedy. It looks pretty easy and uses things like pure maple syrup, marshmallow root and flax seed which I know is really good for inflammation. The syrup is kept in the fridge and it doesn’t say how long it is good for but I would toss it after about 5 days.


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