Homemade Chocolate Strudel with Walnuts


Chocolate isn’t just a sweet snack. It has a lot of health benefits. As a matter of fact, the striking potential of chocolate for reducing oxidative stress that contributes to aging and illness. It also helps with anxiety, inflammation, insulin resistance, and hyperglycemia.

Chocolates can also boost one’s mood. Researchers found that chocolate can increase one’s contentedness and calmness in healthy adults. In addition to that, chocolates also improve fatigue and performance in participants.

If you are stressed out and you want something that will make you feel relax, never hesitate to eat chocolates. Anything that has chocolates in it will surely give you stress relief. Aside from this, you can also prevent stroke. According to scientists, eating a particular amount of chocolate every week can reduce the risk of having stroke, especially in men.

If you like to eat more chocolates, you can try Ginny’s Mother’s Chocolate Strudel   at Vegan In The Freezer. What makes it a great recipe is that it has only four ingredients and can be prepared in about fifteen minutes.