DIY ProjectsHomemade Church Pew Bench Seating DIY Project

Homemade Church Pew Bench Seating DIY Project

This step by step homemade church pew bench seating diy project is perfect to build a bench for your home or garden. Don’t you just love the rustic look and feel of an old church pew? There’s something so timeless and appealing about the simple style that makes them ideal for creating a vintage or country style in your home.

Homemade Church Pew Bench Seating DIY Project

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To create your own church pew, you can either modify an existing bench pattern, or choose from one of the many free church pew tutorials online. But before you break out the saw, here’s a list of a few things you’ll need, and a few things to remember.

For your wood, you have two basic options. The first is to purchase new wood, construct the pew, and then give it a good antiquing. To do this, you’ll need to weather it by sanding off some of the paint or stain, and by putting intentional nicks and dents (using the front and back side of your hammer). Your second option is to use repurposed wood. This is a lot simpler and usually a bit cheaper as well.

If you’ve ever wanted your very own church pew-style bench, but haven’t come across one so far, consider making your own. For the homesteading family that is large or has many friends that visit. It is a simple weekend project that will become a treasured piece of furniture for generations to come.

Your choice of stain will depend on what specific style you’re going for. Stick to lighter stains like cherry or walnut, as these would most often be used in one-room country churches. You may even choose to forgo staining entirely and instead coat your project with a clear varnish.

Required Tools:

Pocket Hole Jig
Miter Saw or Circular Saw
Jig Saw or Band Saw
Brad Nailer
Tape Measure
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection


Qty 2 – 2 x 10 x 8′
Qty 2 – 2 x 2 x 8′
Qty 1 – 1 x 10 x 10′
Qty 2 – 1 x 6 x 10′
Link is to 12′; 10′ board not listed
Qty 2 – 1 x 2 x 6′
2-1/2″ Pocket Screws (Coarse)
1-1/4″ Brad Nails
2-1/2″ Wood Screws
2″ Wood Screws
Wood Glue
Pine Pocket Hole Plugs
Wood Filler

Once your project is complete, soften the straight lines and angles of the pew by draping a quilt or crocheted blanket over the back, or adding a couple of simple pillows to increase its charm.

Click here to read about how to build a homemade church pew bench seating diy project:

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