Curing MeatsHomemade Cold Smoking Pork Bacon Method

Homemade Cold Smoking Pork Bacon Method

This Homemade Cold Smoking Pork Bacon Method is a great way to infuse mouth watering delicious flavor and prime it to be smoked.

Homemade Cold Smoking Pork Bacon Method

We all know the allure of waking up to or sitting down to a breakfast feast that has bacon. Bacon is loved by all and can be used in too many different ways and in various dishes. Adding smoked bacon to a pea soup or chicken casserole lends a taste sensation that makes all come around for second helpings.

People that live in warmer climates will prefer to hot smoke their bacon but in colder climates like Canada and the UK, people find that winter is the perfect time to cold smoke their pork bellies.

Here is a quick guide on how to do it:

Cure the pork with dry salt for five to seven days to remove the moisture from the meat. Ensure you turn the pork daily and pour over the salt cure on the exposed side so that the meat can be evenly covered in the salt cure. You will see the meat stiffen as the water leaves the pork.

After the seven days wash off all the salt. Once it has been thoroughly rinsed, place the meat back in a bowl and let it rest uncovered in the refrigerator overnight. The next day your pork will be ready to be cold smoked.

You will need a barbeque grill with air vents or a smoking cabinet. You can use a smoke generator that burns outside your chamber. The second option is a smoke generator that smolders inside the chamber or you can use individual briquettes that also smoke inside the chamber.

Once you have the perfect piece of cured pork, a smoking chamber and a preferred method of smoking, all you need to do now is hand the meat inside the smoker. Then light it up and enjoy freshly smoked bacon at your breakfast table.

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