DIY ProjectsHomemade Comfortable Hammock Rope Bed DIY Project

Homemade Comfortable Hammock Rope Bed DIY Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade comfortable hammock rope bed diy project is perfect for an inspired homesteader with a moderate skill range of using power tools. If you are looking for a new and interesting sleeping arrangement, this Do It Yourself project might just be right up your alley, it combines the popularity of the traditional hammock and the functionality of an indoor bed.

Homemade Comfortable Hammock Rope Bed DIY Project

When it comes to relaxing outdoors, nothing beats the serenity of stretching a hammock out between two sturdy trees and swinging in the breeze. Imagine it if you could bring that inside combined with the support and comfort of a bed. It is an unique system that you are not likely going to find in your local furniture store.


Personal Protective Equipment:

safety glasses
hearing protection
welder’s mask
welder’s gloves
long sleeves
non-polyester clothing (it will melt onto your skin)
disposable respirator (dust mask)
fire extinguisher
latex gloves



lots of steel tubing (+/- 60′). I estimated high when I went to get mine because I got it from a scrap yard. I used 2″ x 2″ because it was readily available. If you are going to buy your stock you could use whatever you want. 2×2 is probably overkill but I like it that way.
used/retired climbing rope (+/- 135′) i found mine on eBay it was surprisingly hard to come by. Try a local climbing facility.
2″ x 4″ x 8′ lumber (5x) i would steer clear of pressure treated
hardware: 2 anchor points and their fasteners, and 5 long bolts and nuts for holding the hammock frame together
a lightweight mattress that will fit both the bed and hammock frame
linens/blankets (optional)
oil based paint and primer for the hammock frame (i bought a quart of each and it was easily 5x what I needed)
mineral spirits
bristle and foam brushes
water based interior wall paint of the color of your choice
wood screws


7″ grinder (with grinding wheel and sanding wheel)
steel chop saw (one could also use a plasma cutter, horizontal bandsaw, or ideally a cold cut saw)
bench grinder
drill press
cordless drill
drill bits (up to 1/2″ or 13mm)
sander (pneumatic or electric. a planer would also be helpful)
tape measure
4′ level
speed square
framing square
wood saw
wood chisel
wood rasp

A little word of warning, it does involve an extensive amount of welding for the support framing, so it might not be suitable for all DIY skill levels. If you don’t have access to a welding machine, you could always find someone to help you out.

Benefits of reading and following the Hammock Bed DIY Project

● The project includes an extensive list of all of the materials, supplies and tools that would be necessary to complete it

● It also includes an extremely detailed step by step instruction guide for the construction

● It also includes numerous full color photos that depicts many of the different stages

Click here to read about how to build a homemade comfortable hammock rope bed diy project:

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