Natural Beauty RecipesHomemade Conditioning Herbal Hair Rinse

Homemade Conditioning Herbal Hair Rinse

Homemade Conditioning Herbal Hair Rinse

If your hair is like most folks it gets stressed out sometimes. The changes in weather can dry it out, the furnace and the air conditioning in summer both create a dry environment. Then if you go out there is sun and wind along with the products we use sometimes our hair just doesn’t look its best.

Homemade Conditioning Herbal Hair Rinse

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This herbal conditioning rinse recipe from Herbal Academy of NE can help. It starts with a base of apple cider vinegar and then herbs are added as each one helps to condition the hair. It can help with dry skin and other scalp issues as well.

When you make this hair rinse you will need to let it sit for a week before straining out the herbs and using it. This will allow time for the vinegar to pull the beneficial elements from the herbs. The herbs used are dried nettles, marshmallow root and rose hips.

The first two both strengthen the hair while marshamallow root moisturizes and rose hips provides conditioning for dry scalp. There are others you can add based on hair color and some for scent so you can make this for your hair exactly. It isn’t a one formula for everyone that you get from the store. I know some folks are going to say no way I won’t use vinegar on my hair because it will smell like vinegar but as soon as your hair is dry the vinegar smell will be gone. And vinegar leaves your hair feeling so good because it helps to balance the ph in your hair. Try it and see for your self.

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