RecipesHomemade Crackers Of Fennel and Sea Salt

Homemade Crackers Of Fennel and Sea Salt

If you are looking for a recipe for some extra special crackers you will love this one for crackers of fennel and sea salt. Quite a few steps up from plain ole saltines and such a great cracker to have on hand for guests. Serve with a dab of cream cheese and a spoon of apricot or your favorite preserves for a special treat. Crackers are popular food for cocktails or plain munching as well. Crackers are typically made from flour and various kinds of seasonings like salts, seeds, herbs and cheese is added to the dough or simply sprinkled on the top after they have been baked.

Homemade Crackers Of Fennel and Sea Salt

This cracker recipe is from Gather Victoria. Crackers tend to be a nutritious and convenient way to consume cereal grain or staple food. These bite-sized crispy and crunchy snacks make an excellent addition to salads and soups and can also be used as breadcrumbs in just about making any recipe. Crackers can be eaten in variety of ways. They can accompany meat or cheese slices, eaten on their own or with soft spreads like butter, jam, peanut butter. As different herbs are used in making, in the link below you will see a simple yet delicious recipe to make crispy and aromatic fennel seed crackers.

Fennel is full of flavor and aroma which has numerous medicinal and culinary uses. It contains Vitamin C, iron, folate, fiber, manganese and potassium and helpful in digestion and bad breath. If there are no fennel seeds in your pantry you need to put it on your grocery list and try this recipe of fennel seed crackers with sea salt!


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