CraftsHomemade Crochet Buttons Bracelet Project

Homemade Crochet Buttons Bracelet Project

This homemade crochet buttons bracelet project is a pattern goes back to the Depression era, when tough times encouraged women to deck themselves out in jewelry created with household items.

Are you homesteaders who likes to crochet in your spare time and gets enjoyment out of creating handmade gifts for family members? People have been known to make all kinds items using yarn and a crochet hook from blankets, hats and scarves. However, there is so much more that one can make than those things. This crochet project will help to widen your craft horizons and are pretty easy to follow and give you all the information that you might need in order to make the item.

Homemade Crochet Buttons Bracelet Project

Materials and tools needed:

– Buttons
– Crochet Hook
– Yarn
– Scissors

The Crochet Button Bracelet would make an excellent gift for a daughter, mother or friend birthday or special occasion. Many of the crochet projects like this bracelet require mostly household items and your labor. The combination is sure to result in a fantastic gift that any any woman would love and wear everywhere she goes.

Benefit of using the Crochet Button Bracelet Project

● Easy to follow crochet project

● Each project includes a complete list of all the needed materials and tools

● Each step is thoroughly explained with instructions and full color images

● Colors are completely optional as well as the size of buttons you have on hand

Click here to read about how to make a Homemade Crochet Buttons Bracelet Project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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