Recipes WIld FoodHomemade Delicious Lilac Syrup Recipe

Homemade Delicious Lilac Syrup Recipe

Homemade Delicious Lilac Syrup Recipe

This wild food foraging recipe shares how to make a homemade delicious Lilac syrup using edible flowers to stock your food pantry with a gourmet 5 stars food condiment. Have you ever seen how much Lilac syrup costs IF your lucky enough to find it in a high end grocery store ? 24.95 was the price 2 years ago when I spotted it at New Seasons grocery store.  Lilacs can make a variety of different edible recipes such as Lilac Liqueur, Lilac Wine, Lilac Jelly and Candied Lilacs are just a few that use this abundant flower found in most neighborhoods across the United States of America.

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