GardeningHomemade Earwigs Bug Garden Trap

Homemade Earwigs Bug Garden Trap

This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade earwig bug garden trap is simple, inexpensive and made mostly from recyclable materials. Earwigs damage garden plants feeding on them mostly during nocturnal hours and hide in dark moist crevices during the daytime. A simple Earwigs can live for about a year from hatching.

Materials and Tools needed:

  • Newspaper

  • Spray Bottle

  • Scissors

  • Duct Tape, elastic bands or some other means of securing your earwig trap

Make your earwig garden trap, place it in the garden and remove it in the morning. If you feel the need to cut open the newspaper trap to see how many earwigs you captured – just remember not to do it indoors because they will go everywhere quickly. Birds love to eat earwigs.

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Homemade Earwigs Bug Garden Trap
Homemade Earwigs Bug Garden Trap

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