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Homemade Edam Cheese

If you are like me and love Edam, here is how to make homemade Edam cheese.  Edam cheese originally came from a Dutch port town named Edam. Edam cheese is a mild flavored cheese that is not aged for long, usually about 4 weeks to keep the taste mild. It is soaked in a salt brine prior to aging and will be a little salty. The cheese that was exported out of Edam was coated with a red mixture from wood to help preserve it, now it is coated in red  paraffin wax.

Homemade Edam Cheese


According to  edam.co.uk, you can make you Edam vegetarian by using a vegetarian rennet. It is a great cheese to eat as is on crackers and it is also a good melting cheese and will be stringy like mozzarella but you can melt it into stews and soups as well. Cheese Making shares the recipe so you can male your own homemade Edam.  Once you have made your homemade Edam you can use it in various ways including  my favorite way. Herb-Marinated which you can make with your own homemade Edam or store bought. Wisconsin Cheese Talk shares the recipe for the marinated Edam. Doesn’t it look delicious? It is trust me.

Homemade Edam Cheese


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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