Essential OilsHomemade Essential Oil Scented Dryer Sheets

Homemade Essential Oil Scented Dryer Sheets

This frugal yet highly effective way to make homemade essential oil scented dryer sheets. Making your own dryer sheets is also a safe and nontoxic alternative to using store bought dryer sheets that contain many synthetic chemicals such as benzyl acetate and phosphoric acid.

Homemade Essential Oil Scented Dryer Sheets’s natural, the magic behind the homemade dryer sheets has left so many amazed. Come with me and be magic touch your home needs today.
Homemade dryer sheets can be made quickly and easily with essential oils.

We use dryer sheets to keep the fabric soft and to add fragrance. When using essential oils one can pick and choose the scent or the result you want as well!

I have been making homemade dryer sheets without using chemicals for some time now, and the magic has been superb. Old baby cloths and a few rags that I cut from stained baby clothing with lavender essential oil have left marks of an unbeatable homemade dryer.

Simple way of making your homemade dryer

First, insert your fabric pieces into the jar. Pour white vinegar and some drops of lavender essential Oil into the jar which can be purchased from a local health food then stir your mixture or place lid on top and shake carefully. Dry as you would normally.

For the longest time I was using plain white vinegar as a fabric softener in the wash, but I started to miss having that fresh smell that store bought fabric softeners provided. So, I thought I’d try my hand at creating my own homemade dryer sheets! The bonus in my mind, is that I’m still not using chemicals to scent my laundry!

Needed items for your homemade dryer

You will need few items for your homemade dryers like a jar with a lid, white vinegar, drops of essential oil, several “rags” (ripped up t-shirts, baby cloths).

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Melissa Francis
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