Essential OilsHomemade Essential Oils Altoids Recipe

Homemade Essential Oils Altoids Recipe

This homemade essential oils Altoids recipe is detailed in a step by step tutorial that will upgrade your breath mints to a whole new level of delicious. Whether you choose to chew them or simply suck on them until they dissolve in your mouth, most people like mints as a way to freshen their breath. What makes these tiny little candies so popular is that they may be small, but they pack a powerful punch.

Homemade Essential Oils Altoids Recipe

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Go into just about any convenient store and you will find multiple shelves with varieties of gums and mints. The mints come in a variety of shapes and flavors in order to appeal to a wide range of shoppers.

● Recipe includes complete list of all necessary ingredients

● Recipe includes a complete step by step instruction guide

● It also has includes a number of optional colors and flavors

● Includes many full color images which depict several of the steps

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One of the most popular brands of tiny mints is Altoids, with its unique, pure mint taste and packaged in the all too familiar tin. Imagine being able to replicate what you love about them and go one step further. This recipe makes it possible to create your very own Altoid-like mint candies. The unique recipe also includes suggestions on how to select your own special flavors.

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