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Homemade Extracts

Making homemade extracts is an amazing way to capture delicious flavors from fruits, flowers, herbs,coffee, nuts, spices and even candy. There is a way for anyone to create their own secret ingredients that add a certain flair to an ordinary baked recipe.

Homemade Extracts

Now you can create your very own flavor extract using a nearly endless variety of foods and by following recipes closely. Imagine being able to turn your pantry staples into a flavor enhancer for the next family after dinner treat. The recipes are generally very easy to follow and does not take a whole lot of extra work.

You can use vodka, but sometimes brandy or rum will complement a flavor better. Vodka is the alcohol of choice because it has a neutral flavor. Other liquors can be used, but they contribute flavors of their own.

After you have made single flavor extracts, don’t be shy about blending together such as chocolate coffee bean hazelnut, lavender vanilla or maybe even chocolate peppermint extract. Extracts do not have to be refrigerated and will store indefinitely due to alcohol. Be sure to strain thoroughly.

These small glass bottles would work perfectly – Hot Sauce Clear Glass Dasher Bottle – Empty – 5 oz – 6 Pack

If you were to ask just about any chef, cook or baker if they had special ingredients that they add to prepare their desserts – they may whisper homemade baking extracts. This is because certain ingredients they use in their signature baked goods are top secret.

Benefits of using a Homemade Baking Extracts Technique

● Recipe can be used to create a whole cupboard full of flavor extracts

● It includes a complete list of all of the needed ingredients and supplies

● Includes a complete, easy to follow step by step instructions

● Includes full color images that depict several stages of the preparation

These make excellent homemade gifts !

Click here to read about the making of homemade baking extracts technique:

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