DIY ProjectsHomemade Firestarter Wood Wax Fire DIY Project

Homemade Firestarter Wood Wax Fire DIY Project

This Homemade Firestarter Wood Wax Fire DIY Project is simple to make, inexpensive and good to have in your emergency supplies. This potent combination results in fast lighting even when wet amd can burn for approximately five minutes which is ideal for starting a robust fire.

Homemade Firestarter Wood Wax Fire DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Camping

It is self explanatory. It is also easy to work with that adults in their desire to make a small fire with the help of a firestarter. You need wax, but fire starters can be with either cotton or saw dust. Overall, the wax and cotton fire starters are more easy to make. They hold together, are water resistant, and easy to light up. These fire starters are very easy to light up with a lighter yourself; the pro of a wax and sawdust fire starter is how long it can burn, which is a long time.

Get a double boiler to melt wax. First, get a cookie sheet and cover it with parchment paper. When the wax is melted, dip the cotton rounds into it for one-second. Place the rounds on the parchment paper to cool; try to avoid letting wax drop onto the paper to make a line of drippings. Once cool, they can be put into the fire starting kit. When ready to use them, tear the rounds in half and stretch them out as much as you need. Get the cotton fibers fluffed up.


Dried Sage Sticks


Toilet Paper Rolls

Egg Cartons

Shredded paper

Wax Candles (buy cheap candles at yard sales)

Pine Cones

Dried citrus fruit peels (grapefruit, lemon, limes and oranges

Dryer Lint

Twisted Paper

Waxed Cardboard


~ Simple other options:

Pencil sharpener – sharpen twig and makes wood shavings

Cotton balls dipped in Vaseline

Wine corks soaked in rubbing alcohol

Sections of straw stuffed with cotton and sealed at both ends.

For the sawdust variance, get two empty paper towel tubes and notch one-inch along the way. Cut on the lines. Then, fill the molds with saw dust on parchment paper tightly. With the melted wax, pour carefully over the sawdust. After it cools, carefully peel the piece of tube off. Two reliable fire starters are already there for your future quick fire making needs.

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