DIY ProjectsHomemade Fold Down Murphy Drink Bar DIY Project

Homemade Fold Down Murphy Drink Bar DIY Project

This Homemade Fold Down Murphy Drink Bar DIY Project is easy to build, use and can become a focus point of entertainment in any room. It is wall mounted and embraces the concept tiny living space that demands multi functional furniture.

Homemade Fold Down Murphy Drink Bar DIY Project

If you are looking for inspiration for a Murphy bar, check out this page. It contains a list of materials and instructions for making one. You can print out the list and check off each item as you buy them. The instructions come with diagrams, which make it easy to visualize the steps. There’s also pictures revealing the construction of the Murphy bar. You can use the close-up shots as reference points.

The dimensions of each piece of wood is listed, along with the number of pieces to cut. Since this is a Murphy bar, some of the pieces have to fold-out from the wall. Some pieces have to fold-down to support the tabletop. It’s an intricate project that is covered well here.

There are helpful tips as well. They are highlighted at the beginning and end of the piece. One of the most useful tips reveal the type of wood to use. There’s also recommendations for maintaining the color of the wood. These tips can be consulted as you construct the Murphy bar.

There are 13 steps in this guide. Each part of the Murphy bar is constructed individually. The measurements for each piece of wood is provided. The main pieces to build include the box frame, divider, shelves, tabletop, support frame, and leg frame. You will have to attach hinges, a half-turn button, a sash lock, and l-brackets.

There is instructions for mounting the Murphy bar once it is constructed. You will need wood screws or stainless steel brick screws, depending on the wall material.

All the details are provided below. There are suggestions for using the Murphy bar; it’s primarily designed for parties.

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