DIY ProjectsHomemade Folding Quarter Knife DIY Project

Homemade Folding Quarter Knife DIY Project

This homemade folding quarter knife diy project is made with a range of DIY steps. The tutorial explained here is easy to carry out and will help you make a knife according to your needs.

Homemade Folding Quarter Knife DIY Project

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It is easy to understand and can be completed with low-cost materials within a short period. Since folding quarter knives have multiple applications including for survival, and as pocket knives, it would be a smart idea to follow a DIY tutorial that would give you the perfect tool. So just read on and see the step by step walk through.


3 quarters or any large coin

Nails (I used small nails and then cut off the extra material to make a small rivet)

Old saw blade


Canola oil (Optional but motor oil will also work, if you have it)


Bench grinder (I use a coarse wheel attachment on one side and a brass wire wheel attachment on the other)

Bolt cutter

Box cutter/Razor blade

Drill/Drill press

Drill bit that is the same size as the nails that you are using



Propane torch (Optional)

PVC end cap (Optional)

Pliers (Optional, but if you use them, needle nose works best)

Sharpie or other way to mark the metal


Although knives have been used on the earth since historical times, it is only recently that humans began to customize them for specific purposes. Knives can serve you in the kitchen; you can also customize a pocket knife for yourself. Some other knives you can customize on your own include hunting knife, survival knife, steak knife, and butter knife to mention a few.

The fact that business owners allow their clients the option to customize knives according to their individual needs does not mean everyone will want to purchase a folding quarter knife from a store when they can easily make one following simple DIY instructions.

Knowing how to make your own folding quarter knife is an excellent way to kill time but yet create a personalized tool that can serve you for years to come.

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Melissa Francis
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