CompostingHomemade Free Garden Compost Boosters

Homemade Free Garden Compost Boosters

These homemade free garden compost boosters will speed up the progress of decomposing organic matter by maintaining the right balance of ingredients, moisture and oxygen, as well as temperature. Composting is very popular among the avid gardeners, farmers and homesteaders as they know the benefits they bring to growing produce and plants in general.

 Homemade Free Garden Compost Boosters

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There truly is no better totally organic soil amendment then the material from a good, well maintained compost. From time to time there may be a need to give a little jumpstart to speed up the decomposing process. While there are commercially prepared products that are designed for boosting process, there are many other options that are in fact free.

Ways to speed up the breakdown of compost by adding nitrogen rich to your compost bin to speed up the microbial activity.

Size it right
Turn it over
Keep the combo right
Keep it moist
Shred it
Use Dr. Earth Compost Starter

Carefully managed hot compost can produce finished compost in about eight weeks.

This article came up with 5 recommended ways that you can give your compost pile a little bit of a boost. They explain each of the ways and also includes recommendations on how to approach the sources in order to be more successful at getting the stuff you want.

Benefits of reading and using the Homemade Free Garden Compost Boosters Article

● Provides very valuable information for those who might be having a issue with their compost pile

● Includes 5 recommendations of materials to add that will help speed up the process

● It also includes suggestions on where to go to find them and how to approach the business

● It also includes an important tip that simply says “trust your gut and be careful about the source”

Click here to read about homemade free garden compost boosters:

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